It's not really so many years since weddings were in churches or registry offices. Then came the introduction of ceremonies in a wide array of weird and wonderful settings (there are lots of fabulous venues we love to play in and around Leicestershire). But things just keep moving on. Did you know it's now possible to get married in a teepee?

It really is! We know that because we played in one for a bride and groom in Leamington Spa last summer and it was a totally unique experience.


Forget the little wigwam you played cowboys and Indians in as a kid, these teepees are BIG. They're like a particularly cool marquee for the 21st century or maybe a circus big top.

The teepees are supplied in the UK by Papakata who have been providing wigwams for weddings and parties since 2006 and have done 900 events in that time. So we reckon they know a fair bit about teepees - and weddings! If you're looking for something a bit different for your big day, it is well worth checking them out. And if you're worried about how they will cope with our unpredictable British climate, there's no need! The teepees are wind and waterproof and there's wood burning fires and heaters inside if you need them to stay warm.


For up to 70 guests, one teepee is sufficient, then you can have two teepees for up to 120 guests and three teepees for 120-170 guests. Where the teepees are concerned, the world really is your oyster. Or you could upgrade to the 'Sperry' tent, which is all the rage in the ultra-glamorous Hamptons in the US. Right now PapaKata have the exclusive rights to the Sperry.

While the teepees themselves have the 'wow' factor, you can really make them personal by adding your own finishing touches from PapaKata's extensive range. The result is breathtaking!

Just like The Souljers, the team at Papakata do everything they can to make your day as perfect and memorable as possible. And just like us they want to wow your guests and give them (and you!) memories to last a lifetime.

P.S. Papakata haven't asked us or paid us to write this, we're just sharing it with you because we think they're a really great idea and we love to keep you informed of developments that can make your day as special as possible.