A statistically modelled wedding?

There are so many considerations when planning a wedding - the date, the venue, the entertainment, the cake, the car, the flowers... There are so many things to think about it's remarkable that pretty much every wedding day is a success in the end.

One of the biggest factors to consider is the guest list. How many people to invite? How many people will the venue hold? Do you invite partners and children for everyone, or just closest friends and family? Should you invite parents' friends or just your own friends?


And whether you want 60 guests or 200, how do you actually get that number of guests to turn up on the day? Because if you invite 60 you won't get 60, but if you invite 70, you might get 68! It's a minefield if venue size or cost are important factors. Then there's worrying about upsetting or insulting people - do you wait for some 'no thank yous' to come in before asking guests on your reserve list and possibly offend them by inviting them later?

A recent story of a couple very far from Leicestershire, in Melbourne, made us chuckle. They were going through just these dilemmas, as most couples do. So they decided to come up with a statistical formula to work out guest numbers scientifically. They worked out the likelihood of various groups of people from different parts of the world making it to their wedding. They had space for 110 guests and, using their formula, invited 139 guests. The formula told them they should get 102-113 acceptances, with 106 being the most accurate number.

And they got 105! Fantastic! But the formula hadn't worked. Less people were able to make it than they had predicted, but others who hadn't been invited (new partners, parents' friends) turned up anyway.

Getting it right

So it might be impossible to predict numbers for your big day, but it's not impossible to predict the success of your entertainment if you book Adam Thomas & The Souljers!

Our band of soul brothers and a soul sister will make your wedding go with a real bang. Our sets have something for everyone, from toddlers to grandparents, and wedding guests always go away with happy memories of your special day.

So whether your wedding is big or small, whether everyone has turned up or they haven't, you will be guaranteed a night to remember. Get in touch to find out what we can do for you!