As a wedding band, we're very pleased to see that marriages are on the up!

The number of weddings in Britain had been falling steadily since 1972 (when there were 400,000 wedding a year!), according to the Office of National Statistics (ONS), but that suddenly increased in 2010 and has been steadily climbing since then. The most recent figures available show there were over 262,000 weddings in the UK in 2012. That's an awful lot of wedding entertainment needed!


So why the increase? It's thought it might be linked to the recession. Which is strange, because weddings are often an expensive business. But the ONS say that when things are tough financially, people often seek stability through family - and what better way than to get married? Another link to the recession might be that less people are getting married abroad, so the number of weddings may not actually have increased, but the number of weddings at home has. Immigration has an effect too - with 600,000 migrants coming to live in Britain every year, most of whom have a very high regard for marriage.

Civil ceremonies now account for 70% of marriages - and 60% of weddings now take place in approved premises, like hotels, stately homes and even football grounds. You can read about some of our favourite venues here. We're big fans of these sorts of venues, they give couples the chance to really relax and enjoy their day without rushing from one place to the next - and we love performing in the evening when everyone is ready to have some fun!

Even church weddings had a slight increase in 2010, after rules were relaxed which had previously tied a couple to getting married only in the parish where they live. Who wouldn't want to choose the beautiful church two or three miles down the road if it was nicer than your local one?!

First weddings

For all the talk of failed marriages and divorce, it's nice and positive to know that two out of three weddings are still first marriages for both the bride and groom. And the remaining third of weddings go to prove that people don't give up just because one marriage has gone wrong! Nearly one in five weddings were for couples where one partner had been married previously and 15% of weddings are where both couples have already been married.

If you're part of the trend and are planning your wedding, talk to us about what we can do for you. We provide unforgettable wedding entertainment in Leicestershire, the Midlands and further afield. Whatever your needs, call us on 0116 2790 146.