The DOs and DONTs of First Dance Choreography

At first, people thought it was a fad but, for many years now, couples have been taking the time to learn a choreographed first dance for their big day. Having seen the good, the bad and the (very) ugly, this blog hopes to guide you away from the pitfalls (and pirouettes) and towards safe (and funky) ground! Before deciding if choreography is for you, read on...

First Dance - Sarah Tinsley.jpg

First things first then, what kind of people are you? If either one of you are an introvert, a small amount of choreography might help to settle your nerves; when all eyes are on you, it may be more comfortable to have a few steps under your belt in order to avoid the awkward, but inevitable, shuffle.

Be careful though - too much choreography can send things from bad to worse for a shy introverts so try hard not to overdo it!

First Dance 7.jpg

For extroverts (see pic above!) choreography can give you an extra something to show off on your big day; take to the floor with a few fancy steps, maybe even an exciting lift - it's time to show the world the footwork that you've been working on for weeks, perhaps months! If you've got bags of rhythm and oodles of stage presence, seize the moment and wow that crowd! 

First Dance.jpg

Personality types aside though, the key to a beautiful first dance is to be comfortable with the song (have a listen to Adam's 'Our First Dance' CD for suggestions), the moves (if you decide to have them) and your photographer; if he/ she intends to interrupt you for photographs throughout, you may need to think about how this will interfere with your boogie plans.

As you can see, it's an entirely personal decision and only the two of you can choose what will work for you. If you're going to get completely stressed out (or mad at one another) over which leg to turn on or which beat to shimmy on, you should probably skip the dance classes and go for a single verse of cuddling and swaying (it's plenty - I promise!) 

From there, simply give Adam Thomas & The Souljers the go ahead to invite your guests to join you on the dance floor -  you can then let them begin their first set and rest assured that you've done your bit. Your friends and family will enjoy your first dance regardless of whether or not you opt for choreography; it's a chance to do what suits you and not what pleases everyone else! 

Have fun - it's YOUR day :)