Blog Flashback: The Birth of Geek Chic: Geeks to Souljers!

This is part of the Blog Flashback Series - interesting blog posts from days gone by. We hope you like it!

It started off as a brainstorming session about how Adam could incorporate 2 backing singer/ dancers into the second set of his solo show; he has always been a very visual performer and loves having his dancers and/or band with him for the larger shows... What a shame he couldn't have something similar when there is more limited space, for example at weddings.

He had long dreamt of having a funky soul show with some pop, reggae and Motown reinventions mixed with bouncy choreography and loads of energy... Something REALLY different. He even knew which songs he wanted to do! With a photo shoot already booked in with SMD Photography for Adam's solo images the next day, we decided that it would be a great opportunity to get 1 or 2 promo shots for the new show (which was still only an idea).

First thing in the morning the 3 of us (Adam, Tom and I) set off into town with just an idea of what we'd like the costumes to look like: in a word, geeky.

We hunted high and low in those 2 whole hours that we had available (it was a bit like Supermarket Sweep but without Dale Winton!) and we bought all sorts of things in the hope that, once we got there and tried things on, we would be able to make an outfit each that 'worked'.

Considering the fact that no songs had been chosen, no choreography had been done and the outfits had been shopped for without having an end image totally decided upon, we had the best photo shoot EVER!! 


Gary was fantastic: he let us play around, find the 'look', decide upon poses and just get creative! We experimented and tried all sorts and the results were amazing!

We would never have thought about starting a project with a photoshoot but it really did give us a clear picture of where we were going with it all: within weeks we were performing our first gig at Hotel Maiyango to a packed house!

From the very beginning we had such fantastic feedback and the bookings just rolled in... it turned out that what Adam was craving from his show was also being craved by you mad lot too!

Adam Thomas and the Souljers are living proof that geek really is chic!!!! ;)