A bride with no regrets - the video!

Here at Souljers HQ, we want to provide you with the very best wedding entertainment, but we're more than that! We want to make sure you have the very best wedding possible. Having performed at so many weddings, and having been to countless wedding fairs, we know an awful lot about weddings. So that's why we're going to be sharing our advice with you every now and then.

Whether you're planning a winter wedding, or already thinking ahead to next summer (or even the one after that!), we hope our words of wisdom can help you out.

First up - the video!

“But my budget won’t allow it and I AM having photos”

We've heard this so many times before. And we get it! There are so many other necessities and the cost really does start to add up, with the venue, the car, the dress, the photos, the entertainment... Photos are important, but they become one dimensional after so many views; they are just a flat, snapshot of a second in time. They don’t show body language, emotions or the atmosphere of your day. Let’s face it, you’ve spent enough money on it – why only enjoy it once?!

“Why do you think it’s so important?”

One thing I should clear up before I go any further is that I’m not promoting any video companies here! This advice is totally unbiased and coming straight from my heart. We attend so many weddings every year and hate to see special moments go by that aren’t captured for the couple to see again and again. The first dance, the speeches, the little looks that they give to one another, the little bridesmaid wandering around the gardens... These things fade from the memory very quickly without a video.

If you hate seeing yourself on screen, you're not alone! We do too. BUT we've watched our DVD hundreds of times, and all of our friends and family have laughed and cried at it too. 

“Don’t friends and family always fear having to watch a wedding video?!”

It doesn’t have to be a boring three hour video of your entire day any more: they can even put the best bits of the whole day in a montage to your first dance song so that your distant friends and relatives only have to sit through four minutes! Hardcore viewers can then opt to watch the whole thing as and when they want to!

It is something that will be there for generations to come - your children and even grandchildren can share in a day that happened many years before they were born. If your parents have ever had their old wedding cine film transferred to DVD, you will know exactly what we mean! Seeing your own grandparents as proud parents of the bride and groom, happy long-gone aunts and uncles, the pride on your granddad's face as he gives your mum away... That sort of thing is priceless and it's why we would always advise our couples to get a wedding video.

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