A bride with no regrets - take a step back!

Whether you're planning a winter wedding or looking forward to next summer (or even the one after that), Adam Thomas & The Souljers will be sharing with you some of the things we've learned about weddings from our years working as wedding entertainers. We hope you find it helpful!

This is the big one: probably the most talked about piece of wedding advice ever - take your time to step back and enjoy it! Every bride. at the end of her big day. says the whole thing has just flown by too quickly. No matter how long you set aside for the meal, the photos, the buffet etc, it always runs over and the day seems to be over before you even realise it's begun.

"It's OK, we've allowed time to chat during reception drinks"

Forget it. Whatever time you think things will take, you'll run over. And the photos will soon intrude on your chat time, and it'll be time for the wedding breakfast before you've spoken to a fraction of your guests. We've all been to weddings where the guests have to be herded like cattle to the photo area or into the reception area, and it's not a lot of fun. Try your best to avoid this by building in lots of time. If your venue suggests three hours for your wedding breakfast, just accept that they know what they're talking about! It may seem like ages, you may worry that your guests will be sitting around bored and waiting for their next course, but, believe us, they won't! 

Everything takes longer than you expect - that quick trip from home to the church, or church to reception venue? Factor in a vintage car and a humungous dress and suddenly it takes a lot longer than usual.

"So should I just allow more time?"

Yes and no. We've got three bits of advice for you here:

1. Allow lots and lots of time for EVERYTHING. Your guests are there to relax and enjoy themselves. They won't stick to your schedule no matter how much you try to force them!

2. Accept that things WILL run over a little bit no matter how much time you allow,  but that's OK!

3. This is the most important point and my main reason for writing this post: take it all in. Because it's never going to happen again! Don't think about what's happening next, don't panic about your speech, don't worry over how people are getting on or if they like the food and definitely don't stress about the time. It's your big day, and you need to take the time to relax, enjoy it and feel a part of it. Your mind shouldn't be elsewhere. If something goes wrong, so be it! These little blips are NOT the worst thing that can happen (and they will probably make entertaining stories for the future!) The worst thing that can happen is that the day passes you by without you enjoying a second of it because you're too busy worrying about whether something will go wrong!

Keep reminding yourself that this really is it! After all those months of planning, you have to make the most of it. During the meal, take a moment to chat to each other about the day and take a good look around the room. This is probably the first time everyone who is special to you has been in the same room at the same time - and they're all there for the two of you! Notice where they are sitting and what they are wearing. After all that time choosing the flowers, the bridesmaids' dresses and the table decorations, take the time to appreciate them. In the evening, chat to friends and family as a couple. So many couples complain that they hardly see each other all evening because they're busy chatting and socialising separately.

Milk this day as much as you possibly can and enjoy every second of it. It'll be over in a flash!


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