A Singing Snooker Star is Born! Introducing "The Selby Thomas Show!!"

The new Mr and Mrs Selby...

We first met Mark Selby and the then Vikki Layton after we had performed our Swing Show with our lovely dancers at a fancy corporate event at Leicester City's King Power Stadium in 2009. We immediately began talking about music, singing and even about Mark performing in our Toast & Jam project (more about that at a later date!) 

I'd heard on the grapevine that Mark was a very keen singer and anyone who has been to a karaoke bar in Leicester city centre has probably heard him singing his personal favourites: Dean Martin's "Kick In The Head," Elton John's "Your Song" and Snow Patrol's "Chasing Cars to name just a few!

Click here to watch the HD larger scale of the video from the Adam Thomas Channel on Vimeo.

Mr Selby to the stage please... 

Mark_Selby_Wedding (11).JPG

Mark & Adam had chatted quite a lot before the big day and it had been decided that a duet was in order (although this remained a surprise for 198 of the 200 guests!) Three quarters of the way through his set, Adam began performing "Kick in the Head" but was rudely interrupted by another singer at the bar! ;)

As you can see from the video their duet went down a storm, as did the remainder of the set, and there was even a short encore from Mark during New York, New York!

Great feedback

The evening was a huge success and I'm sure that everyone enjoyed themselves thoroughly. It was great to see the video footage of the ceremony itself played on the screens around the room (although they did make us all jealous parading around in Mexico!)

It was a great night with a fantastic crowd and we both wish Mark and Vikki all the luck in the world. We're so glad to have been a part of their day... "Thank You!" x x x

-- For those of you that are particularly nosey then you can also view Mark and Vikki's wedding slideshow taken in Mexico here.