Can-Can-ing in Cannes with Can Can Dancers!

Not many can say that they’ve done a Can-Can in Cannes… but Adam and his dancers now can!

Adam and his dancers were flown out exclusively by French production company HYPEvent to perform at their Soirée Spectaculaire on April 6th. We were told that the venue, the wonderful Plage 45, was near to the beach… it was actually on the beach!! A truly stunning venue where only the best of the best get to hang out and, naturally, we fitted right in!! (Ahem!)

The lovely Sally and Grace from Hotcow, an experimental marketing company, (yep, you heard it right!) had organised the entire event to coincide with the MIPTV - a big thing in tv land, held in Cannes every year where production companies get a chance to sell their wares, and mahoosive TV production company Endemol, our client, was doing just that, showcasing their new shows for all to see.

Adam and his stunning can-can dancers were asked to create a real buzz in the main arena with short and sharp performances throughout the evening to wow the guests - and wow them they did! The girls even had a ball presenting the ‘Million Pound Drop’ to over 700 potential clients: we think that our dancer Claire Murphy may even be the new, all improved Davina – she was awesome!!

It’s a shame that their fun had to end with two ten-minute Can-Can performances! Yep, TWO TEN MINUTE CAN-CANS! The reception from the audience was simply phenomenal and it was thoroughly enjoyed by all but four girls within the venue!! :)  Apparently the girls enjoyed it until about half way through each and then felt that their legs were about to fall off! Such light weights, they should try doing my job at some point - all this typing, I mean, it really hurts your fingers after a while!! ;)

Well done Adam and the girlies (Sarah, Sarah, Claire and Keily)