Coldplay at Harts Hotel

When we received Kate and Wayne Vickers' song requests for their wedding reception, it couldn't have been more obvious that they loved Coldplay! Since 1996 Coldplay have released many swoon-worthy and perfectly pitched songs that hit the spot for wedding micro-moments, but the two that stood out to our bride and groom were "Amazing Day" and "Adventure of a Lifetime".

"Amazing Day" is one of Coldplay's lesser known songs, but its title isn't the only thing that makes it the perfect song for a wedding set or a first dance. The lyrics, in particular those below, are incredibly loving and powerful:

In your eyes
I'm drifting away
And in your arms
I just wanna sway


Oh, thanks God
You must've heard when I prayed
Because now I always
Want to feel this way

This wasn't the first time we performed at Hart's Hotel in Nottingham, which is a stylish venue, perfect for dancing the night away. 

Harts Hotel belongs to Tim Hart, owner of Hambleton Hall in nearby Rutland and, although it is strikingly more modern, the phenomenal service is no different. It was clear that the Harts team had all of the experience and resources to make Mr. and Mrs Vickers' wedding as award winning as the architecture of the building!

A big thank you to the newly-weds for choosing an incredible venue, requesting fantastic songs and, most importantly, inviting us to help to bring your reception to life :)