James and Amy

Mr and Mrs Battison celebrated their special day in a massive marquee which, along with the spectacular sunset, made an idyllic setting for the night’s celebrations. 

The Battisons had opted for food vans that served burgers, hot dogs and drinks which went down a treat! Along with the weather, hay bales and a huge number of guests, they also gave this beautiful wedding a festival vibe; the atmosphere at Bridge House Barn was so relaxed and fun the whole night long!

They had a haze machine, which was the first we had ever been able to use and it made our lights look even more incredible than usual. 

It was such a perfect night and the newly wed couple were such good company!

Congratulations James and Amy!

Lewis and Hannah

So yes, technically, Lewis and Hannah got married in August, and this is a July throwback post, but the weather was great and it was a fantastically fun night in one of our favourite venues, Mythe Barn, so we thought you'd forgive us if we slid it in here!

Unusually, this was a Wednesday wedding, but that didn't stop everyone celebrating hard! They were all on their feet and dancing right into the early hours of the morning. A fantastic evening that finished with a bang - thank you for having us as your wedding entertainers Mr & Mrs Cooksey.

Just in case you didn't know, we have our own personalised trainers! Of course we do! This was the first night that we wore them and we were definitely lighter on our feet. We would say this was a birthday present, but it was the wrong month, and the birthday boy boss was the one who bought them for us ;)

LOVE and smiles


Look at these handsome smiley faces.....our cheeks hurt by the end of every gig! 

There aren't many blogs on wedding gadgets, simply because not many exist but, last July, we came across two that we haven't forgotten! Firstly, we absolutely LOVE these Hollywood-style lights! They have a totally dramatic effect on your big day and are so easy to set up.


Secondly, this is probably the most impressive wedding gadget that we have ever come across and we can't believe that Wedding Gadget Blogs missed it off their list! I don't know what to call it, but I'm going to say ‘Wedding iPad Selfie Stand’. Guests can take all their smiling selfies on one device, which the bride and groom will then see, rather than them all getting lost on the guests’ camera rolls. However, we don't think it will be replacing good old fashioned photo booths or wedding photographers anytime soon!

Fiona and Phil

Fiona and Phil also celebrated their big day in a marquee, but this time it was at Shearsby Bath; a local and very beautiful venue!

It was an intimate wedding but they all loved to have a dance and weren’t afraid to get up on their feet! It was a beautiful evening; one that we will all remember (not just for the cakes and sweets!).

Look at that cake! The cake was made by relatives of the bride and groom and was topped with cream and fruit only minutes before the cutting of the cake.

If fresh cake wasn't enough, for those with a sweet tooth, they also had a beautiful old-fashioned sweet cart. 

Thank you so much to all of you lovely couples for letting us be such a big part of your special day xxx