Anyone Who Had A 'Hart!'

This blog is all about our first ever performance at Harts, Nottingham. Right in the centre of Notts, this is a popular restaurant, hotel and wedding venue and, as you can tell by the staff's attention to detail, this is a well-oiled machine!

We noticed that the venue's Park Bar is particularly popular for Afternoon Teas and, if we hadn't had 90 minutes of bounding about looming, we'd have definitely tried it for ourselves and reported back! Instead, we carbed up in preparation for a fun evening ahead :)


The lovely Rebecca and James had managed to keep us a secret from all of their wedding guests plus all but three of the wedding party! The blushing bride almost slipped up at several points during the day, mentioning 'the band' amongst friends and then having to back track and correct this to 'the disco'.

She had made a similar mistake a few months ago too; she had liked and commented on our Facebook page before realising that this showed on her friends' news feeds!

After a first dance to The Honeyz - Finally Found, Rebecca and her Dad had a little dance to Heartland's I Loved Her First ( which is always a tear jerker!)

It was fabulous to see the surprise on everyone's face when we kicked off the live set and then the whole of Harts erupted at the end of My Girl. Camera phones and dancers aplenty, we jigged and sang our hearts out for them... It was like a kiln by the time we'd finished though!

The decor was beautiful and Mum Pat had had lots of input (as well as sharing the secret) and it was fabulous to see her boogying like a toddler all evening!

We had so much fun and, despite our jealousy as they're off to Florida on Tuesday, we wish them both all the very best for their future together xxx