Comhghairdeas! (Congratulations in Irish!!)

If you have an Irish connection in the family, when better to tie the knot than St Patrick's Day? Well, on March 17th, Katie and Stephen decided to really run with the Irish theme and go the whole 'Paddy' hog!

In a marquee in Warwickshire, whilst England were beating Ireland at rugby (oops :)!) the bride and groom threw a céilidh for their friends and families and celebrated St Paddy's Day in style: from the bride's emerald shoes to the traditional folk band playing throughout the meal, no (Blarney) stone had been left unturned!

The evening kicked off with Adam performing Michael Buble's hit 'Everything' (a very popular first dance song as the words are just so apt for weddings). The guests were so warm and friendly and immediately took to the floor for Adam's first set (with the longest kick line I've ever seen for 'New York, New York'!)


With the ladies cooing over Adam ("oh, we though it was a cd in the first dance", "oh, I love your shoes" etc) the Souljers were secretly warming up to join him for a killer second set :)

Setting the place on fire (it was certainly hot enough), Adam, Tom and I bounded about like toddlers for 45 minutes: even performed our own special version of 'Barbie Girl' for the groom Stephen!

The disco was an eclectic mix of 90s dance, Irish classics, current chart tunes and a ton of requests from their guests :)

We really hope that the hangovers on Sunday were only as bad as any other March 18th for these hardcore partygoers! We wish you all the luck in the world and can't wait to see the hundreds of pics that were taken... Congratulations Katie & Stephen! x x x