// MUSIC MONDAY // Sam & Dave, Adam Thomas "Ordinary People" + Mayer Hawthorne

Spotlight: Sam & Dave

My (Own) Track of the Week: Ordinary People

Ready To Pop: Mayer Hawthorne

Spotlight: Sam & Dave

The greatest live act ever. FACT.


The reason Sam & Dave are one of my Spotlight Choices is their unbelievable live act. The best live act ever, in my opinion. Sure Michael Jackson, Prince, Elton John and Lady Gaga fans might have something to say about that but they all have/had endless show budgets to play with that would allow for them to create a wonderful, fantasy environment to accompany the messege in their songs. Sam & Dave had a stage with little, if any, lighting, smoke filled rooms that can only be likened to working mens clubs and absolutely terrible acoustics. Did it matter? Good God no!  // READ MORE //

My (Own) Track of the Week 


Ordinary People by adamTHOMAS

I love the honesty of this track: it's not a love song, it's not a goodbye song it's just someone admitting the flaws in their relationship and the fact that they are just ordinary people who aren't perfect and I think that has a strong resonance with so many people. It's a soulful ballad and, although not the best lyrics for a wedding, for some couples it represents the fact that they've made it work. Everyone loves a success story don't they!? I think music is about a feeling so you should choose a song that gives you a special tingle for your wedding song rather than caring about the lyrics.

Ready To Pop: Mayer Hawthorne


Mayer Hawthorne grew up in Michigan, near Detroit, a city he describes as rich in music tradition and high on the list of influences in his choice of a musical career.

A Strange Arrangement is his debut album released last year without ever really making the commercial splash it should have (the same can be said about Jamie Lidell's Soul Fest, 'Jim' - what's wrong with some people!!)  It is only recently that I was switched on to him after a quick look on YouTube at the video for the fantastic single ‘The Ills’, a piece of rip-roaring, almost break-beat, soul. // READ MORE //


About Me...

I'm Adam Thomas, a Swing & Soul Singer from Leicester, UK. I've been performing professionally for 10 years singing Soul and Jazz music. I'm a musical interpreter and currently reinventing Northern Soul for the modern age.  Follow me on Twitter @iamadamthomas