Michael Bolton

Although I cannot even remember the first time I heard Michael Bolton sing, it would most certainly have been with my Mum blaring the album out very loudly over the car stereo as she continued her obsession with long haired singers of the time: Jon Bon Jovi, Marti Pellow and, of course, Mr Bolton.

I do, however, remember the first time I tried to sing (sorry, scream) along to the ‘Time, Love & Tenderness’ album at my Dad’s house. It didn’t go too well and I'm pretty sure that blood vessels were burst that night!! But, despite my distain for a man with a sickening four octave range, I was completely hooked by his powerful mix of rock with soul/pop undertones and... read more

 My (Own) Track of the Week:

Over My Shoulder

I've always wanted to record this track as it is one of my favourite Mike & The Mechanics songs, with the wonderful soul tones of Paul Carrick. Have a listen, I hope you enjoy it. :)



Ready To Pop:


Now, I must be honest here, I’m a little bit biased in my support for these guys! You see, despite the fact that they’re great (and I would have supported them anyway), I performed with Michele McGrath in quite a few shows before she hit the big time and we are actually very good buddies... read more


Back Beat:

Conner Reeves

Every month I delve back into my past and try to dig out some of the artists who have really inspired me and who I tried to emulate (or as I say ‘nick bits from’): Conner Reeves is 100% one of those artists!

Connor Reeves is quite possibly the best unknown soul voice of his generation. The boy is a pitch perfect, song-writing, soul-tinged pop vocalist with simply too much talent.

Unfortunately he is the perfect example that endless talent doesn't always get you to the top of the music industry tree and that, in fact, talent almost comes secondary nowadays... read more