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One Snowy Friday in February...

Last night's wedding took place at the Macdonald Ansty Hall in Coventry - a beautiful venue that we perform at a lot and really, really love. With a sprinkling of snow and lots of lovely guests, Lori and James had their perfect wintery wedding :)

Their Personalised Photo Frame

The evening reception took place in the Orangery and the happy couple were so excited about the live shows... a chance to finally let their hair down! Lori had initially wanted to surprise James by booking Adam Thomas and the Souljers but, eventually, she gave in and told him anyway!

Lori's beautiful bridal bouquet

The scene was set for a fantastic evening and, a little after 8pm, their guests gathered around the edge of the dancefloor for the final formality of the day: the first dance!

A first dance to Sigur Ros

They had an enchanting and very unique first dance choice (Sigur Ros - Hoppipolla) which really created a lovely mood for the beginning of the first live set as well.

Adam kicks off the first set of live entertainment

Act 1 saw their guests singing along to That's Amore, dancing to Save The Last Dance and high-kicking to New York, New York... in fact, even the bride joined the kick line!

After tucking in to the buffet, guests were treated to a second live set by Adam Thomas and the Souljers: particular favourites seemed to be Brown Eyed Girl, This Love and floor-filler Kissed A Girl.

During the first live set, Adam had gained a special little fan...

Adam and his side kick!...

and , whilst we rocked the Orangery with the second set, he became a mini Souljer! This little dude copied every move we did and even got to wear Adam's glasses and Tom's hat!

Adam and Mini Me!

After a bit of 90's dance music and a chance for the male guests to show off their dance skills, the groom finally got his Madness fix and a jump around!

I'm guessing that Lori, James and their entourage are just as shattered as we are this morning... the only difference is that the lucky couple are jetting off to Paris as we speak! It's alright for some! :)

Pop over to our Facebook Fan page for more pictures of their big day too (and don't forget to press 'like' whilst you're there!)

Finally, we want to wish you both all of the luck in the world: have a great honeymoon and a great future together :) x x x




The Donisthorpes in Bosworth Hall's lovely marquee


We love it when it all comes together!

We love a marquee, we love Bosworth Hall and we love a loved up bride and groom... On August 28th we got all 3!

Nicola and Craig are the kind of couple that are so tuned in to one another that you can tell they even know what the other is thinking... So suited!


Party Time!

They had eaten their wedding breakfast within the main building of Bosworth Hall and then made their way over to the marquee for the evening reception. The marquee looked stunning and even had a special sweetie stand on the way in :)


Mr Thomas to the stage please... along with everyone else it seems!! :)

They had booked Adam's solo swing and jazz set to begin with and so the evening kicked off with a bit of Michael Buble and Rat Pack plus a first dance to Footprints in the Sand by Leona Lewis...How wonderful!

For the second set, rather than Adam's usual solo Act 2, he was joined by his Souljers to really get the night going... And what a night it was!

Adam and his Souljers were dressed in sharp suits and their usual (trademark) geek glasses: this drew a few queer glances as they first took to the stage but as soon as they kicked off with 'Same Old Song' it became clear that the whole place was up for a party!

The dance floor was overflowing ALL night long and the show covered everything from soul to pop, reggae to 80's (gaining quite a few geeky groupies along the way too!) I didn't see Nicola or Craig leave the floor at any point and they knew the words to every single song that was sung or played: "Two Can Play That Game" to "We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off"... they sang them all!

By the end of the show Adam and the Souljers were dripping wet (as were most of the guests) but they managed to keep the adrenaline going with a 90's filled disco as requested by the lovely bride and groom :)

We had so much fun performing for them and, according to their lovely 'thank you' email, they had just as much fun! They set off on the 1st of 2 honeymoons shortly after the wedding (greedy!) but we've already seen a sneaky peek at their fantastic wedding photos (courtesy of the talented Matt Glover) and we think the pictures above capture everything about the couple, the show and the day... Perfect! x x x




Swing & Soul Wedding Entertainment at Sketchley Grange

I have to really like a bride to allow her to book Adam to perform on his own birthday... Rebecca Kinnersley was one such bride!

At the time of booking, Rebecca's fiance Sean was posted in Afghanistan and she was handling most of the wedding planning alone. She knew what she wanted and what she liked but was always so lovely and endearing... My favourite qualities in a bride!

The Big Day at Sketchley Grange

On their big day itself, they were both really easy going and Rebecca looked truly radiant. Every wedding is unique and, for me, the three things that stood out most with this wedding was the beautiful pink flowers on the tables (hopefully a picture will follow), the quirky barbecue (rather than a buffet) it looked scrummy ;) (the head chef at Sketchley Grange really knows what he's doing!) and Rebecca's stunning dress, of course!

The First Dance... Chasing Cars

When it came to their wedding entertainment, they had opted for Chasing Cars as their first dance followed by a very unusual choice: Kiss with a Fist by Florence and the Machine! Very different!!

Adam's live performances kicked off with a little bit of Michael Buble and swing but the second set was slightly adapted to include a few of the numbers that we've been performing in our brand new Soul show: Forget You (Cee Lo Green) and Hey Ya (Outkast)... Both were greatly received as always with lots of Polaroid picture shaking done by all ;)

The evening was over in a flash with both the bride and groom dancing for the entire night. The dance floor was overflowing all night with the wedding party boogie-ing to everything from The Specials to Rihanna, Ultra-Nate to Dirty Dancing... We really love couples with eclectic tastes and crowds that love 90's dance! (Adam used to love all that stuff you see!)

Adam thoroughly enjoyed his birthday too as they were such a wonderful audience and it really felt that we were surrounded by family and friends anyway... They even sang happy birthday to him at the end of the night! Ah bless!

Here's to Rebecca & Sean, we wish you all the happiness in the world, thank you for letting us be such a big part of your day :) x x x



A Singing Snooker Star is Born! Introducing "The Selby Thomas Show!!"

The new Mr and Mrs Selby...

We first met Mark Selby and the then Vikki Layton after we had performed our Swing Show with our lovely dancers at a fancy corporate event at Leicester City's King Power Stadium in 2009. We immediately began talking about music, singing and even about Mark performing in our Toast & Jam project (more about that at a later date!) 

I'd heard on the grapevine that Mark was a very keen singer and anyone who has been to a karaoke bar in Leicester city centre has probably heard him singing his personal favourites: Dean Martin's "Kick In The Head," Elton John's "Your Song" and Snow Patrol's "Chasing Cars to name just a few!

Click here to watch the HD larger scale of the video from the Adam Thomas Channel on Vimeo.

Mr Selby to the stage please... 

Mark_Selby_Wedding (11).JPG

Mark & Adam had chatted quite a lot before the big day and it had been decided that a duet was in order (although this remained a surprise for 198 of the 200 guests!) Three quarters of the way through his set, Adam began performing "Kick in the Head" but was rudely interrupted by another singer at the bar! ;)

As you can see from the video their duet went down a storm, as did the remainder of the set, and there was even a short encore from Mark during New York, New York!

Great feedback

The evening was a huge success and I'm sure that everyone enjoyed themselves thoroughly. It was great to see the video footage of the ceremony itself played on the screens around the room (although they did make us all jealous parading around in Mexico!)

It was a great night with a fantastic crowd and we both wish Mark and Vikki all the luck in the world. We're so glad to have been a part of their day... "Thank You!" x x x

-- For those of you that are particularly nosey then you can also view Mark and Vikki's wedding slideshow taken in Mexico here.