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Seal of Approval from The City Rooms, Leicester

It is always such a privilege to be a big part of our bride and groom's special day but, performing in some of the UK's most stunning wedding venues and entertaining thousands each year, we sometimes forget the impact we have on the venue itself and the staff that work tirelessly throughout the evening.


That is why it is such a thrill when you hear that a respected venue gives your performance and expertise their seal of approval, it makes it very special too. Well, The City Rooms in Leicester have made us their recommended entertainment supplier... now isn't that nice of them!


The City Rooms, in the heart of Leicester City Centre, is a truly lovely Wedding Venue with a magnificent Grand Ballroom, great food, lovely staff and is also a very trendy boutique hotel too! I have performed there a few times but most recently for Ron and Michelle Brooks (we love them too, they are a really lovely couple!) The standard of service and attention to detail always stand out, along with the sheer beauty of the Grand Ballroom


Vicky Wilkin, events manager, and her team are wedding fanatics and would love to help you plan your big day. You can call Vicky on 0116 251 5337 or email



The City Rooms

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