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Don't just take our word for it!


Don't just take our word for it!

If you're looking at our website, we're willing to bet a couple of things about you - a) you're planning a wedding and b) you're tempted to book Adam Thomas & The Souljers for your big day.

You've probably had a look around the site and we hope you like what you see. We've told you about our sets and shows. You can see photos of us in action. But are we telling the truth?

Of course we are! Don't believe us? Well don't just take our word for it!


We did a survey last year of 56 of our happy couples, so we can be absolutely sure that the service we're providing is the service our customers want. And we're pleased to say the results show that it is!

We wondered what it was that made our customers book us in the first place. The music was a BIG factor - with 85% saying it was of vital importance to their decision. We're pleased that the quality of our work went hand-in-hand with the music, with 45 couples saying it was a big factor for them. We like to think we're friendly people - and a massive 75% of our customers confirmed that our friendliness was absolutely a factor in them deciding to book with us.


We asked couples how pleased they were with everything from set-up, through both our sets, to our stage show and our disco. Just over two-thirds said our first set was beyond expectations, with 16 out of 55 describing it as spot-on. Our second set, full of soul and pop, was even more popular with a massive 43 out of 55 describing it as beyond expectations and the remainder saying it was spot-on. Even better, when you put the whole performance together, 48 out of 55 (or 87%!) said it exceeded their expectations! Overwhelmingly, our guests loved our interaction with the audience and two-thirds said our disco went beyond their expectations.

If you're convinced by these results and you'd like to talk us about entertainment for your big day, please give us a call on 0116 2790 146. We're really friendly (and we know that for a fact, because our customers told us so!).


Entertainment is critical to your big day!


Entertainment is critical to your big day!

Two thirds of couples look back on their wedding day and say that entertainment was critical to its success. In fact, they say it was THE most important factor in their big day. Of the remaining couples, nearly all of them said entertainment was very important, with just 2% describing it as important (and none at all describing it as quite important or not important!).

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, because these same couples felt that entertainment was less important than things like the dress and outfits during the planning stage. Before the wedding, just over half described entertainment as of 'critical' importance. 

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So what makes them change their mind? Why is entertainment so important looking back and not so important looking ahead? It's all down to memories. A fabulous entertainer can really make your wedding and will be a memory shared not just by you, but by all of your guests. By the end of the day, the wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses will be grubby and a bit crumpled, the groom and his men will have shed their ties and jackets, but the memories of fantastic entertainment will live on.


Couples considered venues to be very important, both when planning the wedding and looking back on it. We know ourselves just how important a good venue can be in making your 'evening do' a night to remember. Bottom of people's priority lists, both before and after the wedding, were a wedding co-ordinator - which 60% of people described as 'not important at all' and the transport. A fancy car is nice, but it's just for a short time and for many people it's a good place to make a saving.

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(PS As you might have guessed as you're looking at this website - wedding entertainment is really our thing, and we pride ourselves on making your special day the best ever. If entertainment is critical to the success of your wedding, get in touch with us and we'll see what we can do for you!)

The results were taken from a survey of 56 couples, carried out on behalf of Adam Thomas & The Souljers. Of those surveyed, 30 described the outfits as 'critical' while in the planning stages, with entertainment described as critical by 29, with 23 describing it as 'very important' and four as 'important'. Looking back on their weddings, entertainment was critical to 37 of the couples and outfits critical to 24.