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Kelham Hall Wedding Fair... and one of the Souljers becomes a model for a day!

Last Sunday we performed live at a very busy Kelham Hall for the White Media wedding fair to a lovely bunch of couples and their families.

We performed a diverse mix of songs and had loads of enquiries and loads of fun too!

But one of the Souljers had more fun to come!!

One of the male models for the catwalk show hadn't turned up and they were one guy short... enter one tall guy, Tom Francis!

It was his first time as a world renowned male model and he did a great job it must be said. But then what did we expect, modelling is just posing and strutting and they just happen to be Tom's specialities!

We're at the wonderful Walton Hall next week so if you're around come and say hi. If not then you can find us at many other exciting wedding fairs in the East Midlands this season.



Gary @ SMD Photography Surprises Us All!

There isn’t anyone on this earth that enjoys having their photos taken and anyone that says they do is, quite simply, telling fibs!!

Gary setting up the shoot. He looks a bit lost doesn't he!?

It’s a truly painful experience for me with real moments of distress (mainly because you know that you look good, quite stunning perhaps, and yet the camera seems to see a distorted reality and makes you look nothing short of horrendous!!) Damn you cameras, lenses, tripods and other photographic tools and equipment!!

For most people this pain is (thankfully) restricted to their wedding day and the odd social gathering and, if the photo doesn’t reflect their beauty, they can simply delete it (or ask a friend to remove a tag!)

Adam appears to be measuring something? Gary finds it funny

Up until last Friday I had similar fears. As part of a new project that we’re launching (watch this space... secretive so-and-so’s aren’t we!) I was invited to join Adam, along with Tom Francis (a fellow dancer) at his latest photo shoot. I was overcome with dread. It’s OK for Adam… he has several great shoots under his belt already (check out his amazing photo shoot from last year with Michael Scorr and Martin Wright) and knowing how photogenic Adam is simply made me feel worse!

I wasn’t to know that the aforementioned fears were soon to be allayed…

Oh, very Hugo Boss

Dark and distinguised

In a disused industrial unit in the north of Leicester, as the rest of the Midlands basked in the freakish heat wave that we’ve been enjoying recently, something magical took place: Gary Summers of SMD Photography spent his Good Friday creating some of the most amazing images ever… really, WOW!

Adam Thomas Stylings!


Gary is the kind of photographer that is equally comfortable shooting a wedding as snapping live entertainment or fashion photography and he’s also our newly found best bud and a photographic genius! His honest, kind demeanour alongside his energy and passion for photography made the whole experience a real treat.

Tom never did learn how to walk properly.


The atmosphere was immediately relaxed and the three of us found our feet immediately. As well as shots of the three of us, Gary took some spectacular solo images of each of us and, keep it to yourselves but, he even made me look human! His ideas were really wacky and out of the box… luckily we are too and I think that’s why we get on! ;)

I can actually take a lovely photo, Yay!!
With such killer shots to show for the day, the next sets of images are already in the pipeline! Gary was absolutely fantastic and the pictures were so much more than we could have ever expected… thanks so much Gary, it was a real pleasure working with you, you’re the man!

Jude Law-esque??


You can follow Gary on Twitter @photographySMD, on Facebook or you can keep up to date with all his many happenings on his great blog




And finally... a taste of things to come!!!!!!!! Geek chic?? Really!!

An Eric Morecombe Tribute show maybe?