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// MUSIC MONDAY // Stevie Wonder, Adam Thomas "You And I" + Chris Cendana

Spotlight: Stevie Wonder

My (Own) Track of the Week: You And I

Ready To Pop: Chris Cendana

Spotlight: Stevie Wonder

Stevie makes me never want to sing again!

Billy Joel, Prince, Babyface, Harry Connick Jr. and Boyz II Men have all played a huge part in my musical development but there is one that stands out above all others: the one man who has inspired me the most and who makes me never want to sing again... Stevie Wonder.

The man is a freak!

In the best kind of way! Stevie Wonder is a once in a lifetime musician, song writer, singer and humanitarian and his endless awards, number one hits, Grammys, etc are not something I could go into even if I tried: it would be the Encyclopedia of Stevie Wonder rather than a blog by little old me!

Instead, I want to reintroduce or familiarise you with the masterful works of Stevie Wonder and what they mean to me! // READ MORE //

My (Own) Track of the Week 

<a href="">You And I by Adam Thomas</a>

As I'm on the subject of Stevie Wonder, I thought I'd share with you my more laid-back version of 'You And I.' I have performed this track a few times at Weddings as a First Dance and it always creates a magical moment for the special couple and is a truly lovely song with great sentiment. // READ MORE //

Ready To Pop: Chris Cendana


Chris Cendana is a relative unknown to most in the UK but is a rising star on the world wide web with an incredible amount of views on YouTube and his own website. Chris just needs that final push over the top to move him into the blinding limelight and give his numerous talents the reward I believe he deserves.

You see, as an artist, I need to see that having talent and a hard work ethic does pay off for those that have them in abundance. I need to watch Chris go from a relative unknown to being the next big thing... or if not that then at least supporting big name acts and signed to a small indie label who will nurture him through to his niche audience. // READ MORE //


About Adam Thomas...

I am a Swing & Soul Singer based in Leicester, UK. I have been performing professionally for 10 years. I sing Soul and Jazz music. I am reinventing Northern Soul for the modern age. I'm a musical interpreter. Follow me @iamadamthomas

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