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A history of soul music and its influence


A history of soul music and its influence

Music can be so much more than just a catchy beat and interesting lyrics. Soul music has shown that music can bring together people from all races and backgrounds. As soul music continues to increase in popularity, it is worth looking back at how it all began. 

The origins of soul

Soul music began in the 1950s as a melting-pot of gospel, blues, funk and even jazz. It provided an outlet for black people and minorities in American inner cities. What started as a personal anecdote about life under racism and class struggles, quickly gained in popularity.

Early pioneers such as James Brown, Sam Cooke, and Ray Charles helped to bridge the gap between black and white through music. The music had the feelings and power of gospel and blues, yet it provided a catchy and danceable groove that had more in common with funk.  Many soul artists also added elements of jazz into their recordings.

Soon, Aretha Franklin became famous for her powerful voice and heartfelt lyrics. As a strong black woman, Franklin was the antithesis to America's then segregated society. Her songs, while not lyrically political, helped to bring society closer together through universal themes such as love, devotion, and honesty. Most important of all, her songs were well-written and became very popular on the radio.

'Soul'jers, get it? ;)

'Soul'jers, get it? ;)

Motown Records was formed during the height of soul's popularity, and they helped produce such renowned acts as The Jackson Five and Marvin Gaye. The Jackson Five in particular became extremely popular, and lead singer Michael Jackson eventually became the highest grossing pop artist of all time. For a musical genre that started in the ghettos, soul quickly surpassed all expectations by providing world-class music and entertainment.

Soul today

Soul music is remembered as the loving ballads of Marvin Gaye, the chaotic concerts of James Brown, and the soothing lyrics of The Commodores. Its revival has begun with acts like Adele and Joss Stone. Soul music continues to evolve, yet its unique ability to warm hearts while inspiring dance has never changed. 

And we continue to bring a touch of soul to weddings and events today. The Souljers wedding entertainment covers many different musical styles including some of the best soul classics, played at venues locally in Leicester, as well as at venues around the UK.




Swing & Soul Wedding Entertainment at Sketchley Grange

I have to really like a bride to allow her to book Adam to perform on his own birthday... Rebecca Kinnersley was one such bride!

At the time of booking, Rebecca's fiance Sean was posted in Afghanistan and she was handling most of the wedding planning alone. She knew what she wanted and what she liked but was always so lovely and endearing... My favourite qualities in a bride!

The Big Day at Sketchley Grange

On their big day itself, they were both really easy going and Rebecca looked truly radiant. Every wedding is unique and, for me, the three things that stood out most with this wedding was the beautiful pink flowers on the tables (hopefully a picture will follow), the quirky barbecue (rather than a buffet) it looked scrummy ;) (the head chef at Sketchley Grange really knows what he's doing!) and Rebecca's stunning dress, of course!

The First Dance... Chasing Cars

When it came to their wedding entertainment, they had opted for Chasing Cars as their first dance followed by a very unusual choice: Kiss with a Fist by Florence and the Machine! Very different!!

Adam's live performances kicked off with a little bit of Michael Buble and swing but the second set was slightly adapted to include a few of the numbers that we've been performing in our brand new Soul show: Forget You (Cee Lo Green) and Hey Ya (Outkast)... Both were greatly received as always with lots of Polaroid picture shaking done by all ;)

The evening was over in a flash with both the bride and groom dancing for the entire night. The dance floor was overflowing all night with the wedding party boogie-ing to everything from The Specials to Rihanna, Ultra-Nate to Dirty Dancing... We really love couples with eclectic tastes and crowds that love 90's dance! (Adam used to love all that stuff you see!)

Adam thoroughly enjoyed his birthday too as they were such a wonderful audience and it really felt that we were surrounded by family and friends anyway... They even sang happy birthday to him at the end of the night! Ah bless!

Here's to Rebecca & Sean, we wish you all the happiness in the world, thank you for letting us be such a big part of your day :) x x x