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Let's stay together!


Let's stay together!

The newly-wed Parkinsons celebrated their wedding at Moxhull hall; a beautiful wedding in a beautiful location and, as always, The Souljers were delighted to be a part of their special day! As always the boys brought their A game; their incredible stage presence, energy and charisma made sure that the each and every guest had the most incredible evening and were dancing all night long :)



Rainbows Charity Night at Sytner Leicester

We've performed in some unlikely places and unlikely situations before. On our list of random, but great shows, the charity night for Rainbows at Sytner Leicester was definitely a new entry!


When we were approached by Gina from Sytner BMW Leicester about a charity performance for Rainbows, we jumped at the chance to help out. We've performed for Loros on numerous occasions, sung at charity events for individuals, several breast cancer gigs, opened up large scale events like Relay For Life and Oxjam and Adam has even performed with Jasper Carrott for the Variety Club and Alexander O'Neal for Legends of Sport! Rainbows was a charity that had always been on our wishlist and so it was a privilege to join them for their 2012 Ladies night!


Ladies night

The Sytner showroom was emptied of cars and, in their place, stalls of exhibitors (including fancy cupcakes and the National Space Centre!) set up in preparation for a fantastic evening.

Once the managing director had made everyone feel welcome, Adam Thomas and the Souljers performed a 15 minute (in your face!) set to really get the party started. The lovely audience soon warmed up and, despite the strange surroundings (for a show at least), sang along and cheered all the way through!

Soul_Trio_Show_Adam_Thomas_and_The_Souljers (6).jpg


Following a catwalk show and auction, Adam took to the stage once more for another 15 minute blast! We had so much fun and were so proud to be a part of the evening (raising in excess of £4,000 no less!).

Congratulations to Gina and the team for such a succesful event! Check out the article in Countryside La Vie and look out for another Rainbows performance blog post coming soon :)



Bringing Back The Motown Sound to Leicester at Maiyango

Since May, on the last Thursday of every month, we have been creating a new musical scene at one of Leicester's best restaurants, Maiyango and, in all honesty, we have been completely blown away by the support that we've received over the past few months.


The concept of Adam Thomas and The Souljers was originally conceived at the turn of this year (when we had the publicity shots below taken by Gary @ SMD Photography) but it has taken us a while to get up and running as we weren't sure what kind of show we were looking to create - purely soul and Motown? With some Reggae? Pop? Country? (Joking on the country!!)


In the end we decided that the energy of the show would carry any style of music through to the audience and, as luck would have it, it has turned out this way!


Barbie Girl to Need A Dollar, Two Can Play That Game to Seven Nation Army: our set list is an eclectic mix for sure, with many songs that the audience recognize... but they're not like the originals as we tend to give things a real soul feel! We always try to put together songs that are either fun, cool, energetic, cheeky, old school or just downright funky.


We didn't want to become just another Leicester Soul Band or Motown Show but something truly different. So, we put together a fully choreographed show, along the same lines as The Temptations, mashed together with a wonderful bit of geek chic (#geeksarecool) and so far the demand has been phenomenal! :)

So, if you haven't been along to see the best Soul Band in Leicester at one of Leicester's best kept secrets then you're missing out on the best cocktails, food and entertainment by the biggest geeks in town!! :)


Last Thursday of every month at Maiyango, Adam Thomas and The Souljers - Bringing Back The Motown Sound!



This is a review of our show from our friend Gary's blog at SMD Photography (obviously he's a little biased but hey!)

We really, really, really had a great time at Restaurant Maiyango last night. Adam Thomas has created a three piece group who put on a fantastic show singing and dancing to modern classics… with a twist. It’s a really clever and entertaining show with great singning and dancing. I’m not going to say why it’s so clever… you’ll just have to go yourself and find out.

You can catch the show at Restaurant Maiyango every last Thursday of the month. The next one being on the 29th September.  You can book a table for a meal or just turn up later for the drinks and the show.

It was thirsty work watching all of the dancing going on so it was an added bonus that I found my new best mate… sorry my new favourite bottle of beer. It was called Viru, it comes in a funky bottle and it goes down a little too well.  It took me about six or seven bottles to realise this.

Gary @ SMD Photography