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Comhghairdeas! (Congratulations in Irish!!)

If you have an Irish connection in the family, when better to tie the knot than St Patrick's Day? Well, on March 17th, Katie and Stephen decided to really run with the Irish theme and go the whole 'Paddy' hog!

In a marquee in Warwickshire, whilst England were beating Ireland at rugby (oops :)!) the bride and groom threw a céilidh for their friends and families and celebrated St Paddy's Day in style: from the bride's emerald shoes to the traditional folk band playing throughout the meal, no (Blarney) stone had been left unturned!

The evening kicked off with Adam performing Michael Buble's hit 'Everything' (a very popular first dance song as the words are just so apt for weddings). The guests were so warm and friendly and immediately took to the floor for Adam's first set (with the longest kick line I've ever seen for 'New York, New York'!)


With the ladies cooing over Adam ("oh, we though it was a cd in the first dance", "oh, I love your shoes" etc) the Souljers were secretly warming up to join him for a killer second set :)

Setting the place on fire (it was certainly hot enough), Adam, Tom and I bounded about like toddlers for 45 minutes: even performed our own special version of 'Barbie Girl' for the groom Stephen!

The disco was an eclectic mix of 90s dance, Irish classics, current chart tunes and a ton of requests from their guests :)

We really hope that the hangovers on Sunday were only as bad as any other March 18th for these hardcore partygoers! We wish you all the luck in the world and can't wait to see the hundreds of pics that were taken... Congratulations Katie & Stephen! x x x


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Stapleford Park Wedding Fair

Stapleford Park really is one of the most prestigious wedding venues in the Midlands

There's nothing to say that a posh venue has to be stuffy or snooty... Even the snobs of the world want to have fun you know ;)

Stapleford Park is one of the most prestigious wedding venue in the Midlands and has hosted some of the world's biggest names of stage, screen and sports. Michael Carrick and Peter Crouch have both married their sweethearts at Stapleford and guests of honour at different events have included Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey and Bruno Mars! And now Adam Thomas!! :)

Sarah Smith and her lovely team invited Adam Thomas and the Souljers to rock their Orangery last Sunday afternoon for the annual Stapleford Park wedding fair... And rock it we did! :)

This is Adam's attempt at being clever with his new 360 Panorama app!

Basking in glorious sunshine (at the beginning of March no less), Stapleford Park looked stunning last Sunday afternoon and brides flocked from miles around to see exactly what this prestigious wedding venue could offer for their big day.

I think Adam may be going a bit too mad with this Panorama app!

The team there (consisting of yet another 2 Sarah's!) did a great job and there was a steady flow of couples enjoying Adam's take on some of the Swing classics and upbeat Soul music in the Orangery throughout the entire afternoon: we even had a few join us for a boogie, take pictures and film us on their phones :)

We had lots of lovely enquiries and exciting chats and, judging by the feedback that we had on the day, we hope to continue to be regular performers for Stapleford Park's weddings and events in the future! :)


About Stapleford Park...

Every bride’s dream – the most romantic day at one of the most romantic and prestigious wedding venues in Leicestershire.

Stapleford Park country house is one of England’s most romantic venues for a dream country wedding reception. The historic country house and stunning landscaped grounds offer a truly magical location.

Sarah Smith and Sarah 'Rodney' Rogerson didn't want there photo taken.. not at all! Too late!!

Wedding Planners

The personal wedding planners at Stapleford guarantee all the expert help and advice you need on the many different aspects of organizing your special day. No detail is overlooked, from discussing menus to colour schemes, deciding on flowers and booking entertainment (their reccommended entertainment supplier Adam Thomas of course! :))


To discuss your requirements further or arrange a visit to the house, please contact any of the Sarah's on 01572 787015, email or complete the wedding enquiry form.

The Stapleford Park Wedding Brochure

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Christmas Comes Early at Sketchley Grange!

When the staff at Sketchley Grange in Leicestershire got in touch to book Adam (as the Sketchley Grange recommended entertainment supplier) for a Christmas party I turned straight to December in his diary. Oh no, this particular Christmas party wasn't in December... It was going to be mid-September!

The lovely girls in the conference and banqueting team there had decided to throw a Christmas-themed evening so that they could invite local businesses and clients to see just what the hotel has to offer throughout the festive season! Clever eh?!

I happily accepted and booked Adam Thomas and the Souljers in for them... Lovely.



When we arrived on the day we were astounded to see that they really had gone the whole hog for this: full decor; an illuminated reindeer and sleigh; Christmas trees by the dozen; a 4 course turkey dinner plus a Christmas quiz and Christmas songs playing throughout! It felt as though we had been blasted into the future... So much so that at the end of the night I fully expected to see snow outside - I had forgotten that it was only autumn!

Christmas = fun = The Souljers!

Geek Chic is a treat!

We put on the full corporate geek show for them: golf socks, glasses, braces... The works :) The show went down a storm with a full dancefloor and guests singing along and jigging about - you would never have believed it was a Thursday night! A bit of Motown, Paolo Nutini, Bobby Brown, Blues Bros... They were mad for it!!

We had a really great time performing for them and, judging by the feedack, the guests loved it as much as we did! I'm sure the night will bring them lots of bookings (as will the new wing of the hotel which looks absolutely amazing!!) Thanks for having us guys... Oh, and Merry Christmas! :) x x x

P.s. The Snow Ball...

As great as Sketchley is for Christmas Parties (and they are!), the Premier Show in Leicestershire for Christmas 2011 is a full scale, glitz and glam affair called The Snow Ball at The Marriott, Leicester. More information can be found at or take a peek at the showreel below!

The Snow Ball, Leicester's Premier Christmas Party from Adam Thomas on Vimeo.


 Sarah and Tom enjoy the ride!



Bringing Back The Motown Sound to Leicester at Maiyango

Since May, on the last Thursday of every month, we have been creating a new musical scene at one of Leicester's best restaurants, Maiyango and, in all honesty, we have been completely blown away by the support that we've received over the past few months.


The concept of Adam Thomas and The Souljers was originally conceived at the turn of this year (when we had the publicity shots below taken by Gary @ SMD Photography) but it has taken us a while to get up and running as we weren't sure what kind of show we were looking to create - purely soul and Motown? With some Reggae? Pop? Country? (Joking on the country!!)


In the end we decided that the energy of the show would carry any style of music through to the audience and, as luck would have it, it has turned out this way!


Barbie Girl to Need A Dollar, Two Can Play That Game to Seven Nation Army: our set list is an eclectic mix for sure, with many songs that the audience recognize... but they're not like the originals as we tend to give things a real soul feel! We always try to put together songs that are either fun, cool, energetic, cheeky, old school or just downright funky.


We didn't want to become just another Leicester Soul Band or Motown Show but something truly different. So, we put together a fully choreographed show, along the same lines as The Temptations, mashed together with a wonderful bit of geek chic (#geeksarecool) and so far the demand has been phenomenal! :)

So, if you haven't been along to see the best Soul Band in Leicester at one of Leicester's best kept secrets then you're missing out on the best cocktails, food and entertainment by the biggest geeks in town!! :)


Last Thursday of every month at Maiyango, Adam Thomas and The Souljers - Bringing Back The Motown Sound!



This is a review of our show from our friend Gary's blog at SMD Photography (obviously he's a little biased but hey!)

We really, really, really had a great time at Restaurant Maiyango last night. Adam Thomas has created a three piece group who put on a fantastic show singing and dancing to modern classics… with a twist. It’s a really clever and entertaining show with great singning and dancing. I’m not going to say why it’s so clever… you’ll just have to go yourself and find out.

You can catch the show at Restaurant Maiyango every last Thursday of the month. The next one being on the 29th September.  You can book a table for a meal or just turn up later for the drinks and the show.

It was thirsty work watching all of the dancing going on so it was an added bonus that I found my new best mate… sorry my new favourite bottle of beer. It was called Viru, it comes in a funky bottle and it goes down a little too well.  It took me about six or seven bottles to realise this.

Gary @ SMD Photography



A Singing Snooker Star is Born! Introducing "The Selby Thomas Show!!"

The new Mr and Mrs Selby...

We first met Mark Selby and the then Vikki Layton after we had performed our Swing Show with our lovely dancers at a fancy corporate event at Leicester City's King Power Stadium in 2009. We immediately began talking about music, singing and even about Mark performing in our Toast & Jam project (more about that at a later date!) 

I'd heard on the grapevine that Mark was a very keen singer and anyone who has been to a karaoke bar in Leicester city centre has probably heard him singing his personal favourites: Dean Martin's "Kick In The Head," Elton John's "Your Song" and Snow Patrol's "Chasing Cars to name just a few!

Click here to watch the HD larger scale of the video from the Adam Thomas Channel on Vimeo.

Mr Selby to the stage please... 

Mark_Selby_Wedding (11).JPG

Mark & Adam had chatted quite a lot before the big day and it had been decided that a duet was in order (although this remained a surprise for 198 of the 200 guests!) Three quarters of the way through his set, Adam began performing "Kick in the Head" but was rudely interrupted by another singer at the bar! ;)

As you can see from the video their duet went down a storm, as did the remainder of the set, and there was even a short encore from Mark during New York, New York!

Great feedback

The evening was a huge success and I'm sure that everyone enjoyed themselves thoroughly. It was great to see the video footage of the ceremony itself played on the screens around the room (although they did make us all jealous parading around in Mexico!)

It was a great night with a fantastic crowd and we both wish Mark and Vikki all the luck in the world. We're so glad to have been a part of their day... "Thank You!" x x x

-- For those of you that are particularly nosey then you can also view Mark and Vikki's wedding slideshow taken in Mexico here.