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Don't just take our word for it!


Don't just take our word for it!

If you're looking at our website, we're willing to bet a couple of things about you - a) you're planning a wedding and b) you're tempted to book Adam Thomas & The Souljers for your big day.

You've probably had a look around the site and we hope you like what you see. We've told you about our sets and shows. You can see photos of us in action. But are we telling the truth?

Of course we are! Don't believe us? Well don't just take our word for it!


We did a survey last year of 56 of our happy couples, so we can be absolutely sure that the service we're providing is the service our customers want. And we're pleased to say the results show that it is!

We wondered what it was that made our customers book us in the first place. The music was a BIG factor - with 85% saying it was of vital importance to their decision. We're pleased that the quality of our work went hand-in-hand with the music, with 45 couples saying it was a big factor for them. We like to think we're friendly people - and a massive 75% of our customers confirmed that our friendliness was absolutely a factor in them deciding to book with us.


We asked couples how pleased they were with everything from set-up, through both our sets, to our stage show and our disco. Just over two-thirds said our first set was beyond expectations, with 16 out of 55 describing it as spot-on. Our second set, full of soul and pop, was even more popular with a massive 43 out of 55 describing it as beyond expectations and the remainder saying it was spot-on. Even better, when you put the whole performance together, 48 out of 55 (or 87%!) said it exceeded their expectations! Overwhelmingly, our guests loved our interaction with the audience and two-thirds said our disco went beyond their expectations.

If you're convinced by these results and you'd like to talk us about entertainment for your big day, please give us a call on 0116 2790 146. We're really friendly (and we know that for a fact, because our customers told us so!).



Seal of Approval from The City Rooms, Leicester

It is always such a privilege to be a big part of our bride and groom's special day but, performing in some of the UK's most stunning wedding venues and entertaining thousands each year, we sometimes forget the impact we have on the venue itself and the staff that work tirelessly throughout the evening.


That is why it is such a thrill when you hear that a respected venue gives your performance and expertise their seal of approval, it makes it very special too. Well, The City Rooms in Leicester have made us their recommended entertainment supplier... now isn't that nice of them!


The City Rooms, in the heart of Leicester City Centre, is a truly lovely Wedding Venue with a magnificent Grand Ballroom, great food, lovely staff and is also a very trendy boutique hotel too! I have performed there a few times but most recently for Ron and Michelle Brooks (we love them too, they are a really lovely couple!) The standard of service and attention to detail always stand out, along with the sheer beauty of the Grand Ballroom


Vicky Wilkin, events manager, and her team are wedding fanatics and would love to help you plan your big day. You can call Vicky on 0116 251 5337 or email



The City Rooms

Hotel Street






// TESTIMONIALS // Updated Wedding Entertainment Feedback

The Best Wedding Entertainment: Don't just take our word for it!

According to recent polls conducted by, 83% of couples believe that Wedding Singer Adam Thomas, made their evening reception a bigger success than they could have imagined!

They also told us that the music selections of Michael Buble / Swing numbers mixed with Soul and Pop really made the night, as Louisa Gardner put it, "super fun and incredibly varied!"

It's nice to be loved!

We are humbled by this lovely feedback and would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our couples for allowing us to become such a big part of their Wedding Experience.

Here is a small selection of Wedding Testimonials and Feedback that we have received over the past year or so:


"Fab, Fab & more fab!! You're a brilliant all round entertainer! Thanks again for making our day so special and for the help with the first dance! "  -  Tracey & Marc Watkins

"Both Adam and Sarah provided us with a truly outstanding service throughout our Wedding planning and the Big Day. Worth every penny! Xx "  -  Emma & David Higham
"Lee and I would have NO hesitation in recommending you to friends and family you were excellent."  -  Louise & Lee Clarke
"Adam and Sarah were absolutely FANTASTIC! The entertainment was superb and you really helped to make our day very special! "  -  Nicola & Steve Rimes
"We would recommend you to anybody! Thanks so much for everything"  -  Sarah and Chris Cox
"I am so, so pleased we found Adam at a wedding fayre... he made our Wedding Day so special and memorable. He also made our, very unique, first dance possible! Our guests still talk about it now!"  -  Kim and Andy Newberry

"I thought before I met you both that I was happy to have just a disco but I'm so so glad we had you guys!"  -  Jennie Jones

"We have recommended you to so many people that asked, 'where did you find him?' and just hope you will be available to perform again at our one year anniversary!! :-)"  -  Pete Shaw

"The entertainment was exactly what we wanted...and more than we could have dreamt of"  -  Helen Sullivan

"You’re the only person I've ever known that has had people dancing within 15 minutes of the start of a party!"  -  Colm Carroll
"My friends haven't stopped calling me to tell me what an amazing singer you are - the entertainment for the evening was second to none."  -  Debbie Beer
"Well what can I say - what a fantastic evening - I can never thank Adam enough for his enthusiasm and entertainment"  -  Susannah Dolan

"The first thing all of our guests mention when they see us is how fabulous the entertainment was. The mix of Arabic and Western music worked so much better than we thought it would and that is down to Adam’s ability to judge the audience."  -  Adam and Emma Talla
"The support provided by Sarah in the run up, putting up with all of our questions was beyond the call of duty and we would highly recommend them to anyone!"  -  Nicola & Steve Rimes
"We felt that having Adam perform provided a fantastic atmosphere to the reception and made the evening a huge success. We would recommend him highly."  -  Sarah Lowe