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Need a WEDsite?? Try Wedding Buzz...

Not everyone has the time or facilities to create their very own wedding website: they take a lot of planning, effort and skill and, let’s face it, you’ve got quite a lot on your plate as it is at the moment! That said, it’s really nice to be able to share your progress, plans, background and pictures with other members of the wedding party, friends and family members. It’s a great way to organise your own thoughts and see your planning progress too!

For those of you that have been receiving my blog for a while now, you’ll have heard me mention the “Wedding Book” Facebook application before. In brief, it’s a way to share your wedding (and the build-up to it) with your friends on Facebook!  The app has now changed its name to Wedding Buzz and, with 65,000 fans, features include a Wedding Countdown Clock (which can either add to the excitement or worsen the nerves – whichever way you look at it!), photo albums, a Wedding Party Profile (like an album with all of your bridal party members in it), a Guest Book, links to your wedding website (if you have one), links to your gift registry (i.e Debenhams, John Lewis or whoever you have chosen) and lot’s more too! 

So whether you want to share photos of your dress, your ring, your engagement pictures or even your wedding party, you can do it all on your Facebook Wedding Buzz application. You can create an inspiration album, post your wedding and honeymoon photos afterwards and there’s also forums that you can join to chat with other users of the application.

Go and create your own wedding website now and have fun :)